The 41 no show thread!


Having problems with unstable and slow internet connection at my house in the country. Telecom technician checked my line and connections in the house on Saturday, more technicians testing lines in the area today. Got a message saying that I won’t be billed for the technician as the problem is on their side. Got a 2nd message saying that things should be fixed by 16 Aug latest. Wilavd when up & running again.


No Go tonight. I have a major headache all day.


Unable tonight.


Probably no show tonight. Bad mood.


My participation tonight is doubtful as I will reinstall windows on my new SSD today :banana:


Arghh, after having been on vacation, and then having to work overtime I was looking forward to flying again tomorrow, but this morning I found out that my neigbourhood will be without internet (and TV) between 17:00 and 2X something tomorrow while they (permanently) repair a cable…
So no flying (and no TV) for me tomorrow. I might fly some this weekend though (first weekend at home in like 2 months).


No show tonight lads… got a wee night oot



Blah, so much for getting back to flying regularly, new try on monday…


So much for that, and tonight is no better. :frowning:


Due to a long family get-together if will be absent the from thursday the 5th -
thursday the 12th of October. Both days included.
This is just an cover.
During this time I will be assisting an SOE agent infiltrating the danish part of the Atlantic Wall, to provide the British valueble intelligence :cool:


Last minute family thing came up for me to last night, hope it went well.


Off ops in BoS from 10 oct UFN due to tech issues with head tracking. Track IR 5 ordered will come back when installed and tested.

Current rig works OK in CloD so will fly there on 12 Oct


Off duty from october 15 till october 19, business trip.


Have gotten the annual autumn cold, so… :frowning:


Unable! Moving the last load for my X.


Topsy reporting back for duty, new TrackIR 5 seems to work fine in IL2 BoS, CloD and DCS.

NB Will be off flying from 27-31 Oct 2017 due to sailing regatta in SW France.


Sorry for no-show yesterday. I fell a sleep on the sofa :frowning:


No show tonight.


Me neither. The coming months it will be hit or miss for me, just bought a new apartment and we have plenty of work to do before we move in, then there will be work to fix the old/current apartment before we sell it. Fortunately the new apartment is just across the courtyard, so it’s quick to go work a bit (which my gf is doing at the moment, I better get to work as well!).


Wallpaper have been taken down in the living room and the master bedroom. 2/3rd of the way in the small bedroom (aka my future mancave/flying/reloading room), and 1/3 of the way in the hallway. Now we just have to finish up the mentioned rooms, and the kitchen… I just hope we have finished before christmas. So, flying will continue to be spotty to be optimistic. :monky: