The 41 no show thread!


No flying for me tonight, will be busy finishing off my last days as the leader of our gun club and tomorrow we will have what I suspect will be a really shitty meeting. Busy, stressed out and in a generally bad mood here. :frowning:


No flying for me on thursday. Just did a little flying off-line, no-one else on DCS, so I think I will update the forum instead. :o


No show for me tonight… whatever you guys get up to enjoy :rolleyes:



No flying for me tonight, I have my last board meeting as president for my pistol club tonight, and the big meeting to elect someone else to the post in on sunday. Feels like a big relief for me to get away from it so I can concentrate on the shooting side of things, and not having the responsibility hanging over me all the time. :smiley:

So, back to flying on monday. Only problem now is that the sun is starting to shine in even when flying after 20:00 CET, messing with my TIR.


Going back to Krete

Today I will be leaving for Chenia (Krete) and it suddenly dawned on me that I have been there before…virtually :smiley:
In 2012 EAF flew a 1941 SEOW campaign from Krete. A very hard campaign flown in Gloster Gladiators, Swordfish, Old Hurricans, and a few A-20s. We flew such a great success that the Axis had to get reinforced with more ships than what was originally intended in the campaign.

Filmed by Stuntman featuring Yours truely (seen from behind… :roflmao:), Red, Mram, Classic and many many more good men :cool:



One of Stuntmans more emotional takes from Krete SEOW41. Still worth wathing
IL-2 SEOW Crete 1941 - Calm before the storm


I will be on leave for the next two Sqd evenings.

Good hunting Guys


Have a good one Starfire!


How come we never see the skies when we fly, like I do now.


G-D! Too much light coming in, messing up my TIR totally. Arghhh, there is downsides to spring as well as the upsides…


Because I am in the girls old room it now has a blackout blind…perfect!


No flying for me tomorrow thursday, not sure about monday (have the day off, not sure where I’ll be).


Possibly a no show tonight due to a meeting in my housing community.


I’ll probably miss training tomorrow.


No show for me tonight, day before midsummer (second most important holiday in Sweden, second only to christmas), so I’ll be heading to my summer house over the (extended) weekend. :slight_smile:


Probably no flying for me tonight, might not matter much as everyone else seems to be on TWC flying CoD.

On monday I plan to fly unless something else comes up, but next thursday I will not be online, though I will fly, to London. Hope to see some of you at Duxford and/or in Cambridge! Going home on sunday (I hope) and might fly that monday and thursday, but after that I’ll probably be off until late august (going to Germany in mid august).


I have to pass this evening. It seems that I am getting a cold :cry:



I’m away on hols until the 16th July. Catch up with you all then :slight_smile:


Im am unable to participate tonight (the 17th) due to a birthday party.


No flying for me tonight.
I have some preparations for a jobinterview tomorrow.


Good luck tomorrow!


Thanks :slight_smile: