The 41 no show thread!


The flicking can be a cable issue as well, I’ve had similar behavior at times when my cable was bad.


My Simped F16 was the special version with a connector to the Cougar.
When I mothballed the Cougar, I converted them to USB by using a BU0836 10 bit digital controller and replacing the existing HALL sensor. The new sensor is smaller and does not fit into the original mount.The BU0836 have a USB B type connector. I have tried to change the USB B cable without any change to the result.

Currently I see three possible solutions:

  • Solder some new cables to the HALL sensor or change the female pin connector.
  • Keep trying to get the HALL sensor position right
  • Find the money to replace them :bootyshk:

I also found that the magnet had jumped out of position :mad:



I tried to repair it last night, but my tests this morning have showed that my repairs have been in vain.
This means that I am out of idears.
Due to that, and that the wear, I have decided to purchase new pedals.
My grounding will depend on the availabilitty and delivery of the replacement pedals. I expect from 1,5 week to 1,5 month
In the meantime Ill be able to host and observe in my OTU capacity.


No flying for me tonight, headache and tired.



Away until Monday 24th Oct, on holiday in Crete.

My CPU cooler is being RMA’d tomorrow, I’ve had it 4 1/2 years, good job Corsair do a 5 year warranty. Hopefully I’ll be up and running again on soon after my return!


Good news Vortex

No flying for me tonight gents, but may even over the weekend




Thanks Stevie…

All back up and running now. Corsair sent me back their latest model, so well happy with that!

I did text the rig on ATAG for 30min last night and all seemed good.


Nice work from Corsair then! :slight_smile:

No flying for me tonight, tired and have to prepare clothes for a funeral tomorrow.


Sorry to hear Mikke.

No flying for me either, hope to be on Monday.


Off on vacation so no flying for me the coming week.



Missed flying yesterday (GF came home on sunday after over a month in Russia…) and will probably miss Thursday as well (meeting where I live).



Feeling sick and turning in early.

See you later



No flying for me tonight.


No flying for me tonight, but will post up if I can fly any other night this week



No show the 15th, due to Star Wars Rogue premier.
Good hunting, Guys.


Looks like I will be a no-show for the final SOW mission tonight, simply too much to do before leaving for Christmas holidays tomorrow.
ETA: will probably not fly until next year, probably back in the air on 5/1, and I hope we can get going in DCS then, I really like flying the Spit IX there, even if it tends to loose both wingtips and ailerons and have them replaced by flames when doing ground strafing. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is very doubtful that I will be able to fly tonight.


No show tonight.
Had a minor operation at the dentist today.



Out of the country for the next two weeks, so next time online will probably be around the 12th March.



No show monday.
Dining out wit the Miss.