The 41 no show thread!


No show


Not sure about tonight, have things that needs to be done today (meaning tonight), and I’m not sure I will be able to finish them in time to go flying after. :frowning:


Arghh, was going to fly tonight, but now I have to go turn on an alarm. :mad:


Working lates this week gents…have fun ;(


Not sure I will be online thursday (tomorrow). My car needs some minor maintenance.
But since most of you fly DCS, you probably wont miss me :wink:


But since most of you fly DCS, you probably wont miss me

Im planning to fly Cod on Thursday



I managet to get home in time. But I am still waiting for the sun to go down as it spoils my traickIr :mad:


Yeah, I recognize that problem, I have to close the blinds (and even that doesn’t always help) or wait until a couple of hours after my bedtime. :frowning:


It’s why I was on DCS last night, can’t use the Track IR in the evenings at the moment.


Most likely will not fly tomorrow, going some 200km for a competition and will be spent when I get home. See you thursday!



Away all next week in Paris a defence trade show. And away the week after that, so actually don’t know when I’ll be online again.


‘Defence Trade Show’ read going to watch the Euros :wink:


Defence trade show sounds kind of fun. :slight_smile:

Myself just got off the phone with my gf and I go to fly, just to discover that the sun messes up my TIR totally, and no energy to do anything about it for just a short flight. :frowning:


Ouch, most of this thread seems to be me announcing I will not fly. :frowning:
And unfortunately it continues. Tonight no flying due to beeing too tired (we ran a big competition from friday to sunday, I came home around 22:30 last night after having worked for 15+ hours, and now I had to clean up some of the mess I’ve made at home due to that), and thursday will probably be no-show as I will go to my summer house to celebrate midsummer on friday.

But, have a good one everyone! :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, Mikke.
You are actually better at informing than the rest of us.
There should be a shitload of NOSHOW messages according to the lack om members I see when I come online, but there are not.
I have no problem mentioning it as I am no saint either :bootyshk:

So he it is:
I am currently unable to fly Monday.
This Thursday I won’t be able to fly as I am off to a concert with Rammstein



A valid reason for sure! :smiley:

It’s not so much that I feel sorry for the rest of you for missing my precense :tongue2:, more that I want to fly, but often can’t for one reason or another. :frowning:


Hi all,

It’s getting less likely that I will be online on a regular basis at the moment. I’ll try and make a Monday or thursday here and there when I can but things have been getting busy and they’ve not even arrived yet! I should be able to be on this Thursday, but Laura is booked in to be induced next week so after that I’ll be flying a desk!



So, how’s it going OD, proud twin dad by now? :smiley:


No flying but I can host for a few days until I get some technical difficulties sorted out.

I change to a new desk today. From an old terminal type to a small one with electric elevation.
After relocating the gear, I took the rig and desk for a spin (raised the desk).
Due to the elevation, my “intermistic (1½ years :roflmao:) custom USB conversion of my pedals” was torn apart and some small pins are bendt :frowning:

Ill ned a few days to sort this mess out.
I still hope to be able to set up the hosting monday.



It seems that my pedal trouble is not over. The bend pins was fixed, but the ripping of the cord seems to have ripped the Hall sensors apart. I have tried a fix, but it seems that the rudder is all over the place. Its either stuck on one side or flips left and right faster than my eye can follow.
Ill still working on a fix, but I am realising that it is time for new pedals.