The 41 no show thread!


I might miss training tomorrow, preparing for a big competition starting friday.


Again for me an evening shift. So I won’t be around. Have fun :slight_smile:


I am sorry for my short stint in yesterday, but my blurring problem showed its ugly head.
I ended up doing a lot of testing and finding yet another application which interferer with the game.


Involuntary no show yesterday. My ISP was down and still is today. :mad:


Sorry to hear that Mram. :frowning:

I will be away from flying tomorrow, not sure about monday evening (eastern and everything). So much for getting back to flying regularly. :rolleye:


I will be on me mountain on me cabin for the Easter! See you on Monday!

I’ll come home sunburnt.


Not sure I will be online Thursday night. Broke a tooth while eating my lunch today…got a dentist appointment in Leicester tomorrow, not sure whether I will be back in time (or until Friday)


Can’t make it tonight lads… Give them hell



F-ing cold (with fever) is hopefully about to leave, but no flying tomorrow I think. :frowning:


Sorry lads, been working late building a chicken coupe and knackered now. Good luck!!


Well, I’m about to fly now, to Munich, so no flying for me tomorrow, but hopefully Thursday. (Going back on Wednesday.)

I’m going to Bauma, anyone else going there?



I have trouble at work, so my participation are unsure at the moment.



Away until at least Thursday with work :frowning:

Copenhagen here I come :slight_smile:


I won’t make it this Monday … See you guys on Thursday



No show tomorrow the 14/4-
My car needs a wheel bearing and a 180.000 km service.


Sorry, no show for me again. :frowning:


Damn, damn, tripple damn. No flying for me tonight! :frowning:


Family stuff on tonight.


Have a cold again, no voice this time. :o


No show for me tonight… But will be on Thursday