The 41 no show thread!


Can’t make it tonight.


Out with friends for dinner tonight. See you next week because I dont expect to be there on thursday 31 december.



I am working tonight, so no show for me.


No flying for me tonight, GF is occupying the PC for school work, we need a bigger apartment…



Having just spent the last 17 days in Thailand, it’s a case of back to life, back to reality!

I hope to be online for a fly this evening, then I’m away again until Friday.

Will be good to back in the saddle!


Too tired to fly tonight.


Just back with the kids from Devon and just getting everything going on the PC again. Hope to get some practice over the weekend and see anybody who’s not flying BoS on Monday night. (I’ll be dying lots!!!)


Anyone flying tomorrow during the day Eurotime? I’m going to be online from 13:00 UTC…
Let me know please…


No show tonight… But will probably be on during the weekend



I’m missing training tonight as well, got some unexpected work to do… :frowning:


Just in the final throws of building my new pic, hope to have it done by Monday.


Good to hear Swoop! Hope all goes well! See you in the air tomorrow then perhaps?


I might miss training tonight again, but I really hope things will be back to normal after that (the old normal, not the current normal)…


See also my post in Tech Room.
I still don’t get my Warthog Throttle to work :mad: which keep me grounded. I am afraid to have everything get reinstalled on my PC before it get to work. Therefore I need a moment of “strength” and time to get it done. Though I am really missing flying more and more.


Sorry to hear Paul, I’ve just finished building a new PC and went through that pain of reinstalling as I couldn’t restore due to a faulty Sata cable to my DVD drive (I found this out later), saying that its running faster now I’ve cleared all the crap out.

Just tweaking an overclock on it so if I disappear suddenly you know why! 4.4 but might go 4.5ghz after passing an hour stress test, not bad on a 6400 2.7ghz chip. MR 8 pack from OCuk’s setting are really helping and CLOD is running smoother than ever.


For now a show thread :slight_smile:

Didn’t fix my issue yet, however I put my throttle quadrant as main throttle now (should thought about that earlier) and so I am able to fly.
So, I will be around :slight_smile: (though a bit clumsy I quess)


…or so I thought. Well, not tonight, back on thursday I hope.


Unfortunatly I have to mis the première of SOW III tonight due to work :frowning:


No show tonight.
An old friend just came by.


Running late installing win 10 on my laptop…