The 41 no show thread!


the 17th probably a no show for me


Family stuff so no flying tonight…give’m hell lads!!


No flying for me tonigh unfortunatly due to work.
Have fun tonight :slight_smile:


Am awaiting a new MOBO / CPU which I hope to get by this weekend - should be free for an evening later next week.


Working late this week so might get on later, depending on how knackered I am. :wink:


I have things I need to do at home tonight, and probably too tired to do any useful flying anyway, so I’m out tonight, and unfortunately probably next week as well. Arghh, I really hate working 65km away from home sometimes. :frowning:


Well, seems lika a repeat from last thursday. Have things to do, and not enought time to do them and fly. :frowning:


And again, no flying on monday, my GF will do the flying instead, returning home after several weeks away and she lands here just at flying time and I’ll be at the airport picking her up.

I’m hopefully back in the air on thursday…


I have been moving house the last week and moving in now. I’m still waiting for internet in the new apartment. I won’t be able to be contacted until a few days I hope. Use FaceBook if anything.


Mikke, I think you can do something better than flying then!

Stunts, good luck with the move. Is this your first place?


Sorry chaps, cannot be on tonight (Monday) but I’ll try to be early on Thursday to make up.


Yes, it’s going well now. Most is in place.

I was worried the move would interrupt my finishing of Ziegler’s memorial. Luckily I am rendering everything now in time. :smiley:


cool :slight_smile:

Sadly something has just come up and I can’t make tonight. Good hunting and watch those Radar stations for low raiders.


Holiday here the next comming week and will be away with my family.

Good hunting :slight_smile:


Got a wee night out to go to lads, be on Thurs



Sorry, guys, the new arrival is commanding my attention between c. 20:00 - 23:00 hours so not really able to get on at the moment.

Have asked the missus for Thursday off to fly so should be one then.


Looks like my GF will occupy my flying rig tonight, claims that she have important school work to do. :rolleyes:
And I actually believe her, so no flying for me tonight I think.


No flying for me tonight, slight headache and tired, might be a cold coming up. :frowning:
Or just monday. :rolleyes:


Well, it was a cold coming, been home from work today, and not feeling up for flying tonight, watching “Piece of cake” instead.


No show for me tonight.
Party at my work :ani_beer: