The 41 no show thread!


The same goes for me as with Mikke. Vacation started this week. I will be back in the saddle in the middle of august. Until then have a nice summer all!


For me tonight an evening shift, so no show for me :frowning:

Next week I can be around. After that I will be for some weeks at the Med scenery :smokin:


no prob Paul and thanks for the headsup…Med, ah its been a while for me. See you next week mate.

Mikke/Mram - how on earth do you swedes get 5 weeks off!! Good for you and enjoy lads :slight_smile:


We work hard when we work. :wink: And after the looooong winter, we really need some summer vacations!


Real life has popped up here and I’m out for tonight :mad:


This week and next will be tricky - family over from Oz and then traveling week after.


Not flying next week or much the following.


I have survived the snails and frogs and returned safely from France :slight_smile:

I hope to be more active in the next week :slight_smile:


welcome back Paul and good to see you mate, hope to be about more next week myself.

Snail and frogs…yuck, yuck yuck!!! Tried snails once and it was like a garlic rubber snot! And I just could do that to a frog, I’m a conservationist after all and they need their legs. :wink:

The sow campaign is about to kick off on August the 14th with a full wipe. I’m going to need yours and stunts help more with sow as I’ve taken on my t/o role again and trying to help out OTU with the recent influx of new pilots. Might mean I’ll be late into a mission or drop out to help train.


Are you on tonight (10th August), Matt?


Sorry Ed, just saw this and hoped to but family stuff cropped up. Hope to be about Thursday after 8:30, got a cricket match earlier.


Darn it; we are at my sister’s for dinner tonight so probably not going to work out. You around Friday or over the weekend maybe for some flying? Am happy to go with whatever Sim :slight_smile:

Got on very late last night and had a go on WoL but could not find anyone. Still, was fun flying the Fw and am starting to ge a feel for it (lowering the sensitivity curve is crucial).


Sorry guys, no show for me tonight due preperations and family things for the upcomming weekend.


Will be around but later (promised my son to go fishing)


Mother-in-Law is staying so not sure about this evening.


Unfortunatly not around tonight due work.


Not sure if I’ll be able to fly, but hopefully…


Sorry guys; still at work and likely be here for a while so probably no show tonight.


No flying tonight for me either, family stuff.


No flying for me tonight:mad: