The 41 no show thread!


I’m away week commencing 4th June. Should be back on Sunday 10th and hopefully online :slight_smile:



Sorry, guys, by the time I finished my work last night it was 23:30.


Tonight will be dicy. I am not sure I am going to make it.


No show tonight.


I am going to be off for a week.
Real-life stuff to do and an overhaul of my HOTAS.

I got this jerkiness in my stick again and this time I found some thicker lube :smiley:



I found some thicker lube
…Can’t beat a bit of thicker lube:roflmao:


Thicker lube for jerking his stick, overhauling his hotass. That’s what I’ll remember of Starfires post. :roflmao:


Pun was intended :smiley:
Without it no one would ever read it :wink:

And not to the bad news.
I might be down for a few weeks.
Opening up the Warthog have revealed deep cracks in the plastic plate which takes the pressure of the big spring. This is my second plastic plate with this kind of damage. Although the plate have been strengthened by a nylon plate this is evidently not enough.
I cannot in good faith blame Thrustmaster for this piece to have been worn out as my stick has number #495 and I have used it since 2010.
I will have to wait for Thurste


Sorry to hear about that cracked plate. :frowning: Some things should be made in (good) metal…


It would have been nice. I just wonder what would have broken down instead :confused:

I have been in contact with Thrustmaster support and have been responding to my request today.
I expect that I will finish the details about payment tomorrow.
The cost of a replacement pressure ring is 38,40 Euro and shipping will cost me 15 Euroes (slowboat).

I expect that the spare will be here by the end of next week. With a bit of luck I will be back in the air by the 9th :wink:


Arghhh, no flying at all for me this week it seems. :frowning:


Sorry guys won’t be around tonight… 27/9



Apologies, little buggers would not go to sleep last night.


Away with my wife for the week-end so stopped downloading the F18 Su33 Persian Gulf Map free week-end offer as won’t have time to try it out and probably may not make it back in time to fly on-line on Sunday night. Back on duty on Monday 1st October.


Have to pick up my kidbrother in the airport so no show by me.


Knackered…catch u lads next week, happy trails.


No show for me on monday.

I am in Sweden.


Oh, congratulations (or something). :stuck_out_tongue: Where to, popping in to the khalifat or going further north?


Fixing My New Used Car at a friend in Ekeby.
His answer to my friend, Ekeby is a “white” city.
At Saturday I went to Malmö @ to get some new seats, floor and a lot of other spare parts at a 50% sale.
Today we went to Falkenberg for some other spares and I expect to dig further into the work for the next two days. Today my focus will be on the interior and tonight it get former rust spots will get a paintjob. Tomorrow the brakes, a wheel bearing and the engine mount will get changed.

A lot of work, but I got the car cheap. It was either me or the breakers :wink:


Just be careful so you don’t get too far north and end up at the hand grenade range (Göteborg, I will go there in July to see Metallica, unarmed most likely…)! :bootyshk: