The 41 no show thread!


I’m extremely busy at the moment preparing two exhibitions in December where on top of my artwork i’m trying to get the production version of my sim kit ready for show and live demos. I have managed to be the first artist to exhibit in the military hospital in Paris where 3000 military & civil pilots go for their medical check-ups, so its a great opportunity to be there for both December & January. I have also rented a small boutique in Paris for 3 weeks with my artist wife, so I will be rushing from one to the other.

This mostly means that I will have to unplug my pc, screen etc to set these up in the different locations for the demos, so it is likely that I won’t be plugged in at home for flying nights this side of Xmas.

In the last few weeks I have been fairly “no-show” (apologies) as I have been upgrading my prototype to production standard as the re-designed parts come off the 3D printer. To simplify the wiring we have recently decided to use two USB controllers, one for the column & spade grip, the other for the port side cockpit coaming controls, so I will soon be taking my faithful prototype apart (again) to rewire and test the new set-up.

I expect to be able to deliver the first production kit to an EAF pilot before Christmas !

So while i’m off ops, have fun and with any luck i’ll catch up with you during the Xmas break.


My might be online, but I will be after 2200 CET.
Family business came up!


No show tonight :wink:


No show. I am up over my ears in prep for a job interview tomorrow.


Best of luck Nick!


Thanks ???


:roflmao: I hope so!


Sorry. The smiley was misinterpreted by our forum.


Probably no flying for me tonight, and thursday is unsure as well.


No flying for me tonight



Change of plans, there will be flying for me. Thursday is still doubtful.


No flying for me on Thursday 15th Feb nor Sunday 18th Feb. Having a long w-e in Brittany as they are coming to do maintenance on gas fired central heating unit.


I’m down with the flu. So more irregular flying on my part than usual


No show tonight…to hot!


I’ll be Down Under a few days. Back Monday!


Out tonight…listening to other things that fly at night.


No show. Housewarming ???


It might be a week or two before I get back to flying.
I had a stupid falling accident for the first time in probably 15 years :cussing::furios2:
Which means that I have major scratches on my right hand, elbow an knee.
This makes it extremely painful to use my stick :rolleyes:… among other things :frowning:


Hand is healing nicely and I expect to be back Monday evening :wink:


No flying for me on thursday, well, I will be flying, but only as a passenger.
Apart from that, my flying will continue to be to and from depending on how much the sun is shining in, how busy we are getting ready to move, and then comes vacation. So in october I might be back to flying (kind of) regularly.