TF comes back!

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And now Martlet!

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Wow they have made an astonishing work on the sound department! The sound of the Martlett is great!

has anybody some source on how much it was used in north african theatre of operations?

Torch operation, I suppose… I’m in doubt about FM, it flies like a Zero… bah!!

In total, nearly 1,200 Wildcats would serve with the FAA

but operations account in the med/Europe are very hard to find!

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It was used in Operation Torch. It was used in the Atlantic and I think it was used in the North Sea.

Exactly, it was used like Escort against Tirpitz battlecruiser

… Ladies and gentlemen, the Beau & Macchi 202!!

I have a dream : Afrika SEOW or SOW :star_struck::star_struck::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

SoW aren’t likely to come back to Cliffs. As much as I want a North Africa based sim I still won’t touch this until there is some VR support; then I might consider it. I honestly want to fly the Hurricane Mk IId and use it to rip open some Panzer III and IVs!

We can try to run it inside virtual desktop… using the trackir…
It won’t be 3d tough…

I do t have Track IR anymore and when I tried it originally it didn’t work.

… And Friederich!!!

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Incrociatore Gorizia

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A nice video about Afrika war

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