Sunday 10th March 2019 - Harrier four-ship


Morning all,

We, Red, Osprey & myself, had a blast on the Cold War server last night flying the AV-8B Harrier; we were joined by a randomer on our second sortie. EAF flew two successful strikes on water refineries in the mountain range on the southern border of Georgia with Turkey destroying two refineries in short order, EAF suffering one Harrier lost to enemy fire.

The strikes were carried out using terrain masking and making use of whatever cover was available; despite being tracked by enemy AWACS, and plenty of opposition, we were only intercepted once.

More of the same would be very welcome (though it would be great to have some missiles for defence again!). I think we keep practicing on Cold War and then see if we can put the skills into practice on the Blue Flag server.



The F-14 is gradually taking over at the moment, along with the Hornet. It seems like it will be very capable…once we get the hang of how things work. Having someone in the back seat could prove to be a godsend as the pilot can focus on flying more than system management - I flew in the backseat with Jaks last night and there is certainly a lot to learn, and plenty to keep someone occupied. It’s not going to be boring back there in the slightest!