some aerobatic figure



And as for these guys, two of the best aerobatic online squads. PSV and Vire Volte, amazing flying:eek:


WOW nice pics :wink:

Cassa maybe we need to restart EAF AT :rolleyes:


Good idea. At the moment im training for a competion in feb. But im only flying as a solo pilot.

Start a post and see if you get any takers, im in if it starts:)


why not guys?


Hi m8s :slight_smile: ,

to create the team we must have at least 3 or 4 elements to do a nice display and offcorse a lot of hours of practice. My advice 3 times a week to not say almost everyday :slight_smile: …, I was as you know on IAT team flying lockon and we pass more less 4 months training without making a complete display. And when we did, most of the time someone crash during the flight or loose his formation. So as you can see its hard.
But Im ready for a test if you guys want.



There are some very good formation pilots in the EAF, you could also make some very nice skins for the early jet stuff aswell:D