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I still think I’ll be happy with the Rift S bump in resolution and reduced screen door effect. The feedback from Wags about DCS was the final selling point (as well as a couple of others). I this review confirmed that I was right not to go for the Reverb; as good as that screen may be.

Given that the use is purely flight simming the sound quality is unimportant to me - it’s only going to be used for TS/SRS, my speakers will be outputting the game sounds. It also means I can listen out for the girls without a speaker over my ear. The adjustments for glasses are a bonus. It’s something I am hoping I will be happy with for another three years or so; but you never know! (Plus it still works with the oculus store, so all the games I have will work on it)

Wags from DCS tried the reverb

Hey everyone,

As mentioned earlier, I had an HP Reverb loaner coming this week and it arrived yesterday. Wow! This is truly a banner year for VR and the Reverb is a huge part of that. I can’t and won’t compare to other products, but here are some of my impressions after about an hour in the device:

  • As expected, the resolution of the displays really sets it apart. Even in cockpits with very small texts, it is possible to read. Clarity is approaching 2D monitor levels and I could see no evidence of SDE. It is a GREAT VR device for DCS World. I personally did not notice any god rays and the blacks were quite deep.
  • I’m personally a big fan of inside-out tracking. I don’t really “do” room-scale VR, so the ease of setup, maintenance of tracking, and freeing up USB ports is a huge plus for me.
  • Even with the higher resolution, I did not notice any appreciable performance loss outside of my expectations given the nature of VR. Performance was quite good.
  • I really can’t comment on the hand controllers because I don’t use them.
  • Comfort was very nice and I felt very “at home”. There was also very little light bleed through the nose area which I appreciate.
  • I have a rather narrow IPD (59), but I was still able to get a great setting.

Later this month I will send the device to our team to allow native support (no SteamVR requirement)

There are a growing number of outstanding VR options this year, and I believe it will come down to your budget available and the features you prize most. If outstanding resolution, inside-out tracking, and comfort rank high for you, I can certainly give the Reveb my stamp of approval.

Well done HP!


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