Red Tails

Just watched the movie Red Tails last night, and after waiting such a long time to see it I must admit I was disapointed with it

Storyline is about the The Tuskagee airmen, a true story of black americans flying in WW2.

Some of the lines the actors say had me cringing

Dog fight scenes are so obviously computer generated

Even with the P40 and P51 six 50cals they blew up just about anything they hit including trains:rolleyes:

For a George Lucas production It’s a pity he did not get Spielberg involved in it

More info


Sounds quite a lot like the Tuskegee Airmen. Not exactly a high point of flying movies either…

Action and graphics were stunning.

Screenplay was cheesy, contrived and shite.

guys… where can i find it??? :confused:
any advice for other WWII plane movies?

please help me.

Here you go:

I’ve been told that filesharing is illegal so take care. But it worked for me:). The police have not been here yet.

Just checked and it seems to be down…Here is another link:

Get this to download the torrent.

Dark blue world
Battle of Britain the classic, should be possible to find in bargain bins, well worth it.

Not sure I’ve seen any that is really great in the flying / in cockpit sence, but those aren’t too bad.

Oh, and if you put .org instead of .se at the end of Apollos suggestion you might find something.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Red Tails is ready to be seen… :w00t:
i’ll try also the other two… THANK YOU!!! :banana: