Oculus Rift-S, impressions for a first time VR user

Mixed feelings.

Oculus Rift S
RTX2070 super
Ryzen 3600

Yes, the sensation of flight, of speed, of size is amazing. This is what flight sims should be, and there’s no turn back,

But not everything is good.

  • The FOV of the Rift S is too small.
  • It seems impossible to find a good position of the headset that stays every time you want to fly, and either your are eyes are perfectly centered or you will have low quality pictures.
  • Resolution, too low. Cockpits are ok (in DCS at least) but outside the cockpit you want more!
  • At this point DCS is more or less ok to fly, I can see targets and guess their aspect up to 1nm.
  • For some reason, IL2 is unplayable for me, too blurry. All graphics are waaaaay too low resolution, impossible to fly. But this could be my settings, I will keep trying.

Summary of my first 2 days. Yes, this is the future. Exhilarating at times. But it is still in its infancy, it needs better FOVs and better resolution.

Oh, and I get motion sickness :slight_smile: But that´s ok, I get in in RL too.

Funny i have the exact opposite problem! i can get target aspect easily in box but not in DCS (unless very close range) (usually in head-ons in DCS i get shot at from planes i still have to identify)
Note i have a Samsung Odyssey +

you’ll get used to it pretty soon! (at least that’s what happened to me… I sometime miss the thrill of being on a rollercoster i had on the first VR flights)

It’s a big step up from the CV1.

Have you adjusted the IPD in game as well as in the Rift Home? This can make a difference and it is found in the settings/VR Tab.

If you’re used to Track IR it may be that you were used to having a deadzone for the centre. This is not the case for VR and it just takes some adjustment. The motion sickness also goes with time, build up to long sessions in VR.

I don’t have an issue with the FoV it’s still better than using a monitor and you get used to it. The only way you’re going to get much better is the Pi Max, but it’s not got the best reviews.

The Rift S gives the best value for money, the Valve Index is likely to be the best option, but it is very expensive.


what about for you?

can you guess target aspect better in DCS or BOX???

ps Tom you keep forgetting the HP reverb which is cheaper and on par with index for flight sim (trade off is less fov for better resolution)

Reverb is more expensive than the Rift-S and hasn’t got great reviews across the board. It’s also hampered by Windows Mixed Reality issues. The Rift S is a far more versatile headset with a much broader range of games and titles to choose from too.

The card needed to run the higher res display is also a huge expense. The Rift-S will run on the same system as the CV1. These are all things to consider when it comes to buying a VR headset.

i’m just speaking about VR for flight sims!
in flight sim wmr doesn’t have any drawback!

first batch of reverb had cord problems which now are solved!

also with reverb resolution there’s no need of supersampling so the graphic card is stressed like with other vr…

what about your feeling of understanding target aspect in different sims?

It’s not, it still requires better than a 1080Ti to get the most out of it - they recommend a 2080. The cost of those is insane, so add that to the $600 for the headset and it’s an expensive proposition; same for the Index. You could run it on a 1080Ti, but it wouldn’t be any better than a Rift-S. My Rift-S is a big improvement for me, compared to the CV1, and I’m very happy with it overall. There are one or two niggles, but that’s not the headset it’s down to my eye-sight.

Overall the aspect of the entire game is better in Dcs than Box, it seems much better developed for a Vr users even using the suggested settings in the game itself, in Box is still a mess for me even after hundreds of settings tweaking, so as I said dcs is the winner for the moment, but I’m still working on the Box settings and hopefully I will get the target one day.
Od do you really think rift s is worth the money for a CV1 user?

For me the difference in flight sims is impressive, if you weren’t doing flight stuff then you may not see as much of a difference. The versatility of the headset is much improved as well though. Because of the inside out tracking it can be used anywhere, it doesn’t need the tracking towers anymore.

For me the resolution was a big step up, the screen door effect is much reduced because of the change in the layout of the pixels and I saw no issue with the blacks due to the switch from an OLED. I wouldn’t go back to the CV1 unless it was a choice between that and a Track IR.