Next Gen Rift "S" on the way?



Hi all,

There’s been a rumour growing that the next Generation of the Oculus Rift is nearly upon us. Now it seems that stocks of the CV1 (Consumer Version 1) are running out all over the place. The next gen is a step up but it is not over taking any of the rivals, as far as anyone is aware at this time. The resolution is due to be upgraded, combined with new lenses. The “Screen-door effect” should be noticeably reduced, and the light house tracking beacons should be disposed of as it moves over to “inside-out” tracking.

As you can imagine, I’m quite interested in this as the final update for my new PC. I know that Jimmi is liking his Samsung and this is meant to be pitched at a similar level. I’ve been keeping my eye on developments with PiMax and they’re doing some good stuff, but not very well. HTC Vive Pro seems like it should be excellent, but way too expensive and the Rift is still one of the most bought and it’s good all round, but needs an improved resolution. I think after three years I’ve got some decent return on my Rift and I’ve certainly enjoyed it and it’s transformed my flight simming experience.

I’m really interested to see what could be around the corner.



It sounds positive, hopefully we’ll have some more news either at the end of today or the end of this week! (There are other channels and sources, but his seemed to have more solid groundings than some that I have read)