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Receiving and forwarding

Ciao Gentlemen,

I send my best to you all, families and EAF51. Attached are links to a new movie trailer out with my son’s book and movie, Walking Point. Also and interesting link to the National Museum of the Pacific in Texas who greatly helped and enthusiastically participated in his project. On Nov 16th, my son will be there for book signing and special events. With the recent successful Special Ops and K9 support mission in the Mid East, this serves as a current reminder of the valued service, dedication and sacrifice of “Man’s Best Friend” during WWII and equal importance today.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day in the United States, and we as U.S. Veterans, salute and honor all European, all other Allied Veterans and active duty armed forces around the world for their sacrifice, courage and brotherhood to serve and protect the common good. To each of you, I convey my special salute and appreciation for our association. May God bless you all.

Please feel free to forward or share this with others.

All the best,



You had me properly confused there for a while until I realized it was Titans son that had written a book! :grin:

Robert Nevens Jr., son of our dear Friend with the nickname of “Titan”, is not only the author of the book, but also the director of the film made “Walking Point”, which I hope will soon be distributed and screened in cinemas around the world.