New forum Overview, login, and password reset [Video tutorial]


I’ll try to explain a little how to use this new forum to the best!
let’s start with this!


Also if you need info or help on the new forum you can check here
it’s a support forum for discourse developers but there are faq and tutorials for users too!

for example
i had some doubts on how to make a poll (here we have much more options)
made a search there and found it!


How to MultiQuote
Dedicated @Mikke ! yes you can do it, and it’s easy! :sweat_smile:


Discourse and Plugins updated to last version!

There could have been a little downtime this morning!


i’ve been asked how to log off from the forum… ( @Flashheart_EAF602 )

on pc first click on your avatar (top right)
then on the log out button

same on mobile