Hurricane - Mission of Honor (Movie)

I recently saw the movie Mission of Honor (in Italy with the title Hurricane) based on the event of No.303 (Polish) RAF SQn.
The movie is not bad, but even not really good, and certainly less gripping that “A Dark Blue World”. The story is very similar (Polish instead of Chech Pilot, not considered as a valid aid by the British, not obeying orders and talking another language at RT). At the end there is a sense of tragedy at the news that Poland was “nicely sold” by the Allied to the Russian, and the Polish has not been invited to the Victory parade in London.

As far as Dogfights are concerned, seem sometimes to be inside a flight simulator. Scenes with real Hurries are really a few, and I suspect that they multiplied the planes digitally. Some scenes are clearly computer art, and some are models.

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ty @Bear_EAF51

movie trailer

Unfortunately not a good movie, the story is weak, the use of filming is totally inconsistent, the editing is poor… pity.