Flying with EAF

Hi all

Do you have any regular flying nights I may be able to join you on? I’m currently flying the Spit, F5, Harrier and Gazelle in DCS.

All the best, FatBen

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Mondays and thursdays, after 21:00 CET usually (I try to start earlier because I have to quit around 22).
Me and some others in 41 usually fly DCS, mostly jets, but occasionally props.

Many thanks, is there any particular server you go on?

Hi @No.54_FatBen

As 51 we staid on WWII
We fly monday and thursday usually from 21-21.30 CEST and we aleays have someone who speaks English!
You are welcome to join us!

We use to fly on our server with airstarts for warm up or some team fights! We are preparing also some coop to host!
Then we usually fly on buddy spike Normandy and on burning skies!

And 41 most often fly on own servers, easiest is probably if you have access to our TS server. Usually we host as EAF (something or other), the password is usually easy to guess, 3 letter, either small letters or capitals. :wink:

Good to have some 54 pilots with us yesterday, finally I got to have a fellow Viggen in the air, rushing forward at tree-top level at Mach 1.1+ heading for targets deep inland is a great feeling, especially when you look to the side and see another Viggen at the same level and speed. :smiley:

I managed to kill my SA-2 on the second go when using bombs, unfortunately I slowed down on my way home and got shot down by a bunch of Mig-21’s (there was at least 6 of them flying past me after I had crashed).

Oh, and that “killed for shooting down enemy AWACS” on my first run was slightly annoying, but I was out of ground ordnance anyway, so…
Just have to remember it for the next time.

Thanks for letting us jump on with you. It’s been a bit quiet our end and during the week I’m mostly flying single player missions.

I can’t make Thursday’s but will definitely be on Mondays from now on as long as it’s ok with you all.

Good to speak to you all last night.

You are welcome to join us! We are coming into the low intensity part of the year with vacations etc coming up, but then it usually picks back up again in the autumn.

It was good to fly with you, shame I got blown up so quick! Then I had a phone call to make so ended up being away for an hour or so. Bit gutted to come back to an empty TS!
Hopefully we can get something set up on a regular basis, but I won’t be on much until August.


Hi all, I bought the Persian Gulf map in the sale as mentioned last week.

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