First Light (Movie)

A Spitfire movie Inspired from the book “First Light” by Geoffrey Wellum, a 92 Squadron pilot in the Battle of Britan.

Plot summary here:

Also available in download for Torrent amators:

What did you think of it Bear?

I’m sure we had a thread on this in the 92 forum when it came out… Here we are

That picture pulls out the nerd in me…:slight_smile: 92 squadron and they used “AI” for the squadron codes.

If I remember correctly the “AI” codes were used in the film Battle of Britain (1969), they possibly used some footage in First Light from the film that wasn’t in the final production, so all the close up shots like the pilot getting out they changed the codes to reflect this.


I saw the movie yesterday.

I like it, particularly the ability to show how 19 years pilots were put into the battle with a minimum of training.
The “blind test” with the ground crew asking the pilot to find the different gauges with blind eyes, and he is not able to find something named “cock”… “It is not a part of the plane, Sir:slight_smile: Hilarious!
The sound of the Spits are marvelous: sounds exactly like in reality.

On the other hand I have also the feeling that some footage are coming from The Battle of Britain (too many planes flying together). The same techniques as far as I remember have been used in Dark Blue World.

I also read the book, that deserves to be read.