Falklands war

A while ago I became interested in learning about the Falklands war so bought two books written by Sea Harrier pilots who participated in the conflict.

“Sea Harrier over the Falklands” by Sharkey ward and “Hostile skies” by David Morgan.

Sharkey portrait in his book the many and one things to consider in preparing the Squadron for war as they sail on short notice to the Falklands. He commanded 801 Naval Air Squadron flying from HMS Invincible. A bit gung-ho in writing but it contains very detailed in cockpit descriptions on flying the Sea harrier, tactics and air combat from both british and Argentinian perspective. Sharkey was a very skilled pilot.

David Morgan, a RAF Pilot on secondment to the Royal Navy in “Hostile skies” describes the war from a similar angle but not quite as he flew with 800 Squadron from HMS Hermes. His book is less gung-ho than Sharkeys but still contain much action. He also includes more of his personal life with e.g. letters too and from his family during the conflict. David became the pilot with most air kills of the campaign and also participated in ground strike of Port Stanley Airfield. The book also contain some mysterious elements…

I highly recommend these books. They both provide excellent insight into air combat from a Sea Harrier perspective. I also gained much knowledge about the whole campaign be it on land, sea or air.
5 out of 5.

I can recommend Vulcan 607, if you’re interested in the Falklands, Mram. Its a great read.

ty for the tips Mram!

Whenever i want to read more on aviation i use to check your books page and it’s always very useful! (Don’t miss Bear list either!)
Those 2 seems 2 nice addons and even not liking much jets i think i’ll give them a go!
(Keets suggestion seems good too but being on ground ponders is less interesting to me…)

Thx Keets. Will note it on my list as it sounds interesting. Sharkey mentions the strike in his book but if I remember correctly he was not overly impressed. On the other hand that goes for quite a lot of things not 801 Squadron so I keep an open mind. :rolleyes:

@ Jimmi. I feel bad about my book page since I haven’t updated it for a very long time now. And there are soo many more books to include. :slight_smile: Maybe with winter coming I take up on the page again.