EAF 20 Year Anniversary Patch

Here is the pre-sale test!
we presented it at 51 Christmas Lunch!
(here a brief report
51 - 2018 Christmas Lunch)

we loved it!

we tested it scrubbing it, washing it and even puncuturing it with a fork! (yes the fork left a little sign but overall is good!) it’s digital printed with a high quality machine!
With the Velcro on the back it will become more stiff.

Cost 10€ plus expedition fee.

all the surplus will be saved for EAF maintenance costs! (server, TS etc)

Already ordered (and payed)
Jimmi Delivered
Dedalo Delivered
Wildcat Delivered

Trip 1
Mike x2
Topsy x2
Ribbon x2
Nepe x2
Swoop x1
Flashheart x2
Apollo 1

Interested awaiting order confirmation:
Arturo x2

(source http://forum.europeanaf.net/showthread.php?29065-20-Years-Patch-ORDER-IT-HERE!&highlight=patch)

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Payment info (to whom, account…), please?

Well i think we could use paypal!
Send me your adress in pm i’ll get an estimate of shipping fees

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Me too dear Jimmi…

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Me too !!! :sunglasses:

Sorry for reviving this thread and even more for letting so much time pass…

So the cost is around 10€ for 50pacthes
i’ll ask if we can have some less…
if everybody confirm their order we are around 25…
i can print some more for future EAF pilots but 25more is 250€… It’s too much…

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Confirmed for 1 patch. Via paypal payable to? What address?

Hmm, did I miss the post where we signed up for the patches? Anyway I’m up for 2 as well.

Confermo per 1 patch.

Since some time has passed…
I’m still awaiting this confirmations…

@Nepe_EAF51 x2
@EAF79_Topsy x2
@Apollo_EAF331 @Apollo
@EAF331_Ribbon Ribbon x2
@Swoop_EAF19 x2
@Flashheart_EAF602 x2
@EAF310_Arturo x2

Confirmed 2 for me let us know where to pay

I think we could use paypal! I’ll let you know when ready!

Yup still in, need info to send you money!

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Confirmed x2

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To confirm the order!

Obviously if someone else would like one he’s in time!

In for my order/confirmed!

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1 for me please Jimmi

Pls write me your adress by PM!
Next week i’ll start the shipment!

For payment i’ll go with PayPal - it has a a little fee bit imho it’s compensated by its ease of use!
(you can use a simple credit card too even if you don’t have a paypal account)

I’ll replay with instructions after i get your adress!