EAF 20 Year Anniversary Patch

Here is the pre-sale test!
we presented it at 51 Christmas Lunch!
(here a brief report
51 - 2018 Christmas Lunch)

we loved it!

we tested it scrubbing it, washing it and even puncuturing it with a fork! (yes the fork left a little sign but overall is good!) it’s digital printed with a high quality machine!
With the Velcro on the back it will become more stiff.

Cost 10€ plus expedition fee.

(i payed 292€ for 30 patches - after i collect all the money - less expedition fees i’ll report how much we raised for EAF)

all the surplus will be saved for EAF maintenance costs! (server, TS etc)

Payed and Delivered
Cappe Delivered
Storm Delivered
Jimmi Delivered
Dedalo Delivered
Wildcat Delivered
Marsh Delivered
Mikke x2 EU mail - Delivered
Topsy 2x
Ribbon 2x
Nepe 2x

Marsh (delivery 2nd patcch)

Payed and waiting shipment
XXXXXX (oversea)

Confirmed - payment pending:
Swoop x1
Flashheart x2
Apollo 1

Interested awaiting order confirmation:
Arturo x2

(source http://forum.europeanaf.net/showthread.php?29065-20-Years-Patch-ORDER-IT-HERE!&highlight=patch)

to pay

10€ + 1,15€ = 11,15 1 patch europe
10€x2 + 2,90 = 22,90 2 patch europe

10€ + 1,10€ = 11,10€ 1 patch italy
10€x2 + 2,60= 22,60€ 2 patch italy

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Payment info (to whom, account…), please?

Well i think we could use paypal!
Send me your adress in pm i’ll get an estimate of shipping fees

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Me too dear Jimmi…

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Me too !!! :sunglasses:

Sorry for reviving this thread and even more for letting so much time pass…

So the cost is around 10€ for 50pacthes
i’ll ask if we can have some less…
if everybody confirm their order we are around 25…
i can print some more for future EAF pilots but 25more is 250€… It’s too much…

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Confirmed for 1 patch. Via paypal payable to? What address?

Hmm, did I miss the post where we signed up for the patches? Anyway I’m up for 2 as well.

Confermo per 1 patch.

Since some time has passed…
I’m still awaiting this confirmations…

@Nepe_EAF51 x2
@EAF79_Topsy x2
@Apollo_EAF331 @Apollo
@EAF331_Ribbon Ribbon x2
@Swoop_EAF19 x2
@Flashheart_EAF602 x2
@EAF310_Arturo x2

Confirmed 2 for me let us know where to pay

I think we could use paypal! I’ll let you know when ready!

Yup still in, need info to send you money!

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Confirmed x2

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To confirm the order!

Obviously if someone else would like one he’s in time!

In for my order/confirmed!

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1 for me please Jimmi

Pls write me your adress by PM!
Next week i’ll start the shipment!

For payment i’ll go with PayPal - it has a a little fee bit imho it’s compensated by its ease of use!
(you can use a simple credit card too even if you don’t have a paypal account)

I’ll replay with instructions after i get your adress!

Ok i’ve opened a paypal link to receive the payments
(it’s free but you need to register to paypal.)

Expedition fees are good! Note that it changes for 2 parches (we exceed by little the 20 grams limit)

10€ + 1,15€ = 11,15 1 patch europe
10€x2 + 2,90 = 22,90 2 patch europe

10€ + 1,10€ = 11,10€ 1 patch italy
10€x2 + 2,60= 22,60€ 2 patch italy

Zone 1

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Azzorre, Belgio, Bielorussia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Bulgaria, Cipro, Croazia, Danimarca, Estonia, Faroe (Isole), Finlandia, Francia, Germania, Gibilterra, Gran Bretagna, Grecia, Guernsey, Irlanda, Islanda, Jersey, Kosovo, Lettonia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Lussemburgo, Macedonia del Nord, Malta, Man Isole - Gran Bretagna UE, Moldavia, Monaco, Montenegro, Norvegia, Olanda, Polonia, Portogallo, Repubblica Ceca, Repubblica San Marino*, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Spagna, Svezia, Svizzera, Turchia, Ucraina, Ungheria, Vaticano*

In case of problems pls let me know!

Thanks Jimmi

If we send extra money will it be used to other EAF needs, like TS?