DCS WW2 news

Just look at those models…
Also worth noting the list currently unde development as flyable airacft…

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An important aspect DCS World War II is the addition of additional player-controlled and AI aircraft. Some of these include the P-47D, Mosquito, A-20, C-47, Fw 190 A-8, and Ju-88.

Note the part made bold by me, though I think the meaning is or, as in some planes will be player controlled, some will be AI only. Anyway, by the time I’m retired we might have a fully developed WW2 DCS world. :tongue2:

Yes…but the pictures. Check out that Mosquito! They’re making the AI really high fidelity…high enough to make flyable later…hence amount of time!

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Anyway by the time i’m retired you’ll switch to the new website :stuck_out_tongue: N O P R E S S U R E :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry Mikke couldn’t resist!


Introducing DCS: I-16 by OctopusG

I watched at many Mosquitoes under restoration…
It seems that a real plane need less time to be completed …

Somewhere in DCS…


L’arrivo del Corsair è previsto in… Giorni? Settimane? Mesi? Anni? Ere geologiche? Big Bangs? :rofl:

2 weeks!

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Dove lo hai pescato??!!!

È un video degli sviluppatori… Basta iscriversi al canale

È in pre-purchase, anche se non si riesce ancora a comprarlo

Si infatti… Come al solito speriamo in tempi brevi…
L’A8 è leggermente meno veloce del Dora… Ma alle “nostre” quote di ingaggio dovrebbe essere più maneggevole, e con un minore raggio di virata


who made that 190 video? It´s fantastic! Also, the damage model looks better now?

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Nepe, it’a video made bu developers…

Urah it’s definitely the new DM!

Mustangs were trailing both black and white smokes…