DCS WW2 news

Just look at those models…
Also worth noting the list currently unde development as flyable airacft…

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An important aspect DCS World War II is the addition of additional player-controlled and AI aircraft. Some of these include the P-47D, Mosquito, A-20, C-47, Fw 190 A-8, and Ju-88.

Note the part made bold by me, though I think the meaning is or, as in some planes will be player controlled, some will be AI only. Anyway, by the time I’m retired we might have a fully developed WW2 DCS world. :tongue2:

Yes…but the pictures. Check out that Mosquito! They’re making the AI really high fidelity…high enough to make flyable later…hence amount of time!

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Anyway by the time i’m retired you’ll switch to the new website :stuck_out_tongue: N O P R E S S U R E :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry Mikke couldn’t resist!


Introducing DCS: I-16 by OctopusG

I watched at many Mosquitoes under restoration…
It seems that a real plane need less time to be completed …

Somewhere in DCS…


L’arrivo del Corsair è previsto in… Giorni? Settimane? Mesi? Anni? Ere geologiche? Big Bangs? :rofl:

2 weeks!

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Dove lo hai pescato??!!!

È un video degli sviluppatori… Basta iscriversi al canale

È in pre-purchase, anche se non si riesce ancora a comprarlo

Si infatti… Come al solito speriamo in tempi brevi…
L’A8 è leggermente meno veloce del Dora… Ma alle “nostre” quote di ingaggio dovrebbe essere più maneggevole, e con un minore raggio di virata


who made that 190 video? It´s fantastic! Also, the damage model looks better now?

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Nepe, it’a video made bu developers…

Urah it’s definitely the new DM!

Mustangs were trailing both black and white smokes…

DCS: P-47 Progress Update
One of the most anticipated WWII modules for DCS is the P-47 and we are excited to say it is getting close. We now have a brand new external model and cockpit in final phase of completion and our FM guru Yo-Yo is hard at work on the turbo-compressor unit and remaining FM issues. It shouldn’t be much longer before you will get your hands on this wonderful module.

Helicopter Progress
Our 3D artists continue to work on the new cockpits for both the Ka-50 and the new Mi-24 Hind. As you can see below they are coming along nicely. We look forward to sharing more information on both these products as they progress.

DCS World Update
We sincerely apologize for not releasing a new Open Beta update this week, we should be back with one next week. One of the big fixes to be included will be a solution to the aircraft bouncing when taking off from a carrier and landing at an airfield. While you wait, the Grim Reapers found a nice little workaround, check out the video here. Thanks to Cap and his team at GR for their help.

As always, we highly appreciate your support!

Yours sincerely,
The Eagle Dynamics Team

Wunderbar Luft…
I thought the Corsair could be the next… :flushed:

Unfortunately very little news about the Corsair, IIRC it’s Magnitude 3 LLC that is making that one (same as Mig-21 and Christen Eagle).
The P-47 is made by ED themselves, and it seems like they have managed to get the process unstuck again after having had problems with lack of wind-tunnel data. I will definitely buy the P-47 when it comes out.

Now if they would only make a Spit XIV as well so we finally could be competitive with the axis side…

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