D-Day -3 - nearly time for a return!

Ok, it’s Monday 5th August very nearly time for my return to the virtual skies…D-Day Thursday 8th August 2019. I’ll have an internet connection from Wednesday 7th, but my rig won’t be set up or ready to go. Thursday may be ambitious with all the things that I need to get done; Sunday evening/Monday is probably more realistic; but I am going to try!

Looking forward to getting back online with you all,



Great news TOM!
we are waiting you!

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Really Great news! See you soon :slight_smile:

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Finally made it online last night! Was great to get back on and have new toys to play with! The F/A-18 TGP is finally implemented and makes it a threat to everything and it’s not even finished yet!

I also need to get back into some WW2 at some point!

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Waiting for you!

we can have a one on one or 2on2 on EAF server!

I’m up for going on Berloga more than DCS when it comes to WW2 :slight_smile:

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