Chuck Yaeger - An Autobiography

Chuck Yaeger - An Autobiography
Great book not to be missed by anyone who love planes and aviation.
Chuck Yaeger was a P-51 pilot during WW2 (often flying together with Bud Anderson). After the war he become test pilot and was the first to brake the sound barrier on board of the X-1. He flew any kind of jet planes from the '50 to the '90. He was the first western pilot to test a captured MiG15. He also served during the Vietnam war, and as advisor durink the Indian-Pakistan war. MUST read!

It must be over 15 years since I read it, but as I recall it, it was a good read, I really should get hold of it again.

Another great read is Wings On My Sleeve by Cpt. Eric Winkle Brown.

I’m sure it’s been posted before but in case anyone missed it here it is at Amazon.