Changes at 51 Stormo command!

My family is about to get bigger and also work is increasing.

As planned some months ago I’m resigning from 51 command and stepping down as X.O.

For me it was a great honor to lead 51 pilots in these years!

Congratulations to Wing Commander Cappe!


Congratulations Cappe!

Can’t underestimate the amount of work and effort you’ve put into EAF Jimmi, thankyou and good luck with the family life. Please stay in touch when you can :slight_smile:

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TY Swoop much appreciated!

that’s the plan! I will try to!

Don’t worry guys, he’s not going to disappear, i’ll need some help :joy: :joy:


Congratulations Cappe and more important congrats Jimmi on expanding your family (those are best news man can hear), also nice to hear your job is going well too…it’s a privelage to be friend with Italian drug lord ;p