Bloody foreigners - Untold Battle of Britain. (polskie napisy)

Last week I fell over this TV production on YouTube.


Over the years I have heard the Polish (303 Sqd) mentioned again and again but never found out what made their contribution noteworthy.

The TV production goes over the Polish joining the Royal Air Force. Their language barriers and the intergation difficulties.
I was surprised to find out that was the Polish that was credited with introducing the up close and personal (the 200 yards and less) attacks in RAF :eek:
Somthing all of in EAF use today.
But what is even more impressive is that the Polish achieved twice the kill ratio than any other fighter Sqd in RAF with a lot less loses.

I salute them!

I saw the beginning some time ago but i hadn’t time to watch it! Seems really good!
Will give it a go! Tank you for posting it!

There is a memorial to the Polish pilots of WWII outside of Northolt Airbase.
It has become a famous landmark out in West London.
Those who know a little of the BoB know the Polish were fiercely aggressive fliers.
Some were seasoned pilots, some where very average pilots. All of them were very focused on revenge for the invasion and occupancy of Poland. That sort of thing will motivate.

There is a story about them taking a little Vodka in the cockpit with them. It may be an urban myth but I like to think it might be true.