3 war movies: "Kajaki" , "Hyena Road", "13 hours: the secret soldiers of Bengazi"

I had recently the opportunity to watch three interesting war movies:

Kajaki (Kilo Two Bravo)

British movie based on real events at Kajaki dam in Afghanistan.
A quote from the movie web page:
“Please note that KAJAKI The True Story contains scenes with very strong language and strong bloody injury detail that some viewers may find distressing”

English Trailer:

Some interesting link:


Hyena Road

Directed by the canadian Paul Gross, the same director of “Passchendaele”, another must see movie.
Combat sequences are very well done. For those of you who play Air Soft there is a lot to learn.
Trailer here: http://video.sky.it/cinema/trailer/h...er/v250535.vid
Some link about the movie:

13 hours: the secret soldiers of Bengazi

Movie based on another real event.
Even if the director is Michael Bay (Transformers) it is very well realized on the base of the eyewithnesses, without too many special effects.

English Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CJBuUwd0Os
Already available in DVD: https://www.amazon.it/13-Hours-Secret-Soldiers-Benghazi/dp/B01DIS10WC

Official movie page: http://www.thirteenhoursmovie.com/

I suggest you also read the book with the same title, available in Amazon even on Kindle format.